Do these sound familiar?

Sever Hypoglycemia

Confusion, Loss of Concentration

Sever un-explained Hyperglycemia

Extreme Fatigue, feeling of being constantly sick

Depression and Mood Swings

Memory Loss

The Society for Diabetic Rights was founded in 2003 to represent the interests of people who need or want natural animal insulin products. We have raised awareness that some pork and beef insulin's are available in Canada. Largely due to our efforts, Canada became the first industrialized nation to recognize that a significant minority of insulin-dependent diabetics require animal insulin to maintain their health and quality of life.

But much more needs to be done!

Although Wockhardt's Hypurin Isophane (NPH) and Neutral (Regular) pork insulin's are available, for many people they are beyond reach because of their cost: $100 to $150 per vial, depending on location. The skyrocketing profits of insulin manufacturers meet only their shareholders’ demands, not consumers’ needs. Lack of consistency among the provincial drug plans adds to the difficulty in obtaining them.

Canada needs a national insulin policy guaranteeing that people can obtain the insulin they need without financial or other barriers to access. Our priority is animal insulin, but we recognize that people who are doing well on  “human” insulin brands now face the same threats of withdrawal we have already experienced. In the past decade one type of insulin after another has been withdrawn from the Canadian market by Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk, which has indicated its goal: for all of its customers to switch to insulin analogues. 

We believe access to a safe and secure supply of natural-sourced insulin is a human right. We want to work with others who share our goals. We also want to work with health professionals on ensuring that no one in Canada who needs animal insulin is unable to get it.

The Society For Diabetic Rights
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